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We are a community where highly specialized staff support clients and families on their unique journey.”

Providing a promise of hope to more than 300 clients annually.

What started out as a family support group in 1987, has flourished into one of the largest community-based ABI rehabilitation agencies in Ontario. Thirty years later, the same passion, commitment and care that started the agency, remains evident throughout the organization.

Quotes from our Executive Team

In my 25 years with the agency, the biggest reward is seeing the results of the client’s hard work first hand. I’ve always had an interest in individual behaviours and believe that each survivor has their own road to recovery. Each gain should be celebrated as a step towards a higher level of independence and I feel privileged for being a part of that journey.

With 20 years working in ABI, I’ve learned to never take the small achievements of our clients for granted. Rather, we celebrate those wins with them and the staff that work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. Their gains, no matter how big or small, continue to inspire me every day. I bring forward honesty, integrity, empathy and compassion in hopes that I can impact the lives of the clients as they have impacted mine.

No one wants a brain injury. But it does happen and the impact can be profound. That’s where HIRO can make a difference. We are a community where highly specialized staff support clients and families on their unique journey. It is a community where each individual is valued, respected and treated with dignity.

Through my own personal experiences, I have seen how a brain injury can affect not only the individual living with the ABI, but their family and friends as well. I am honoured that I am able to apply my professional skill set to give our clients a voice and an opportunity to share their story. Each person in our HIRO community; staff, clients, family or friends, has a story to tell and a chance to inspire others who are in need of support throughout their recovery journey.

For over 20 years, I’ve witnessed the achievements of our clients as a result of the agency’s dedicated staff and rehabilitation programs. Although I’m not providing direct care to the clients, I’m honoured as a Chartered Professional Accountant to maintain the financial viability of the agency and ensure the funding and fundraising dollars will continue to be used to best serve our clients.

It’s motivating to be part of an agency that dedicates itself to supporting clients through their rehabilitation journey.  Our staff’s dedication, hard work and passion are reflected in our clients’ successes as they achieve their goals.  HIRO is highly committed to quality; we never stand still as we look to improve our clients’ experiences and outcomes while we run a healthy, efficient agency.

There is much to learn from people who have sustained an acquired brain injury and are persevering to return to meaningful life tasks. The opportunity to work alongside these clients inspires me to continue to promote good care and to advocate for their needs at a systemic level. As the CRO, I guide HIRO’s programs to ensure they are evidence-based, client-centered, and enable clients to improve their quality of life.