“Working with ABI survivors means empowering individuals to gain independence through learning and adapting, so each individual lives the best quality of life possible”.

“This journey is a second chance for individuals who can still have a happy ending”.

Campden Heights is located in Vineland, Ontario on sprawling, peaceful acreage adjacent to Cathy Wever Place. This eight bedroom home services complex care clients who have suffered a severe ABI, have chronic cognitive and/or physical impairments and present challenging behaviours. This secure residence is designed to accommodating very challenging behaviours, such as aggression and elopement. Campden Heights has all the benefits of the country while maintaining easy access to community and emergency assistance.

About our Home

  • Fully secure, accessible bungalow with finished basement
    • In-home lift with access to both floors
    • Accessible communal kitchen
    • Accessible laundry facilities
    • 5 accessible bathroom
    • Large recreation room in the basement
    • 2 congregate living room spaces
  • 8 bedrooms
    • Furnishings provided by the client
    • TV/ Ethernet ports available; per client expense
  • Large fenced in backyard with outside seating and vegetable gardens
  • Rural setting

What we offer

  • Individualized programming based on client’s ABI rehabilitative goals.
  • Structured, meaningful and consistent daily routines with an emphasis on skill building and behaviour management.
  • Access to a multi-disciplinary clinical team including behaviour therapy, psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech language pathology.
  • Capacity to address mental health and addiction issues.
  • One dedicated pharmacy provider; medications securely stored onsite and administered by staff.
  • 24/7 on-site staff support.
  • Access to accessible transportation.


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