Our Mission

We provide high-quality, person-centred rehabilitation and care for people with brain injuries to help them adapt, learn and live more independently.

Our Vision

Every person with a brain injury realizes their full and unique potential.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Independence

Accountability and Responsibility

As a community sector health service provider, HIRO is accountable to the people we serve, our staff and community as well as funders and accountability agencies. The staff and Board of Directors work diligently to ensure we meet or exceed all of the reporting standards and best practices in our sector and continue to provide high quality care and a promise of hope after ABI.

Consistent with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSA), HIRO respects its responsibility as a publicly funded organization and is committed to following BPSA’s directive four key principles:

  • Accountability

    Organizations are accountable for public funds used to reimburse travel, meal and hospitality expenses. All expenses support business objectives.

  • Transparency

    Organizations are transparent to all stakeholders. The rules for incurring and reimbursing travel, meal and hospitality expenses are clear, easily understood, and available to the public.

  • Value for Money

    Taxpayer dollars are used prudently and responsibly. Plans for travel, meals, accommodation and hospitality are necessary and economical with due regard for health and safety.

  • Fairness

    Legitimate authorized expenses incurred during the course of the business of an organization are reimbursed.

Plans & Reports

To learn about our Business Continuity Plan, Emergency Response Plan and Pandemic Influenza and Continuity Plan, or for more information on our Allowable Perquisites or HIRO’s Expense and Travel Reimbursement policy, please contact info.news@hiro.ca