Every HIRO client begins their journey with a customized care program.

At HIRO, the foundation of person-centered care is a mutually beneficial partnership among clients, families and service providers. The design, delivery and evaluation of service is driven by the client and family’s needs and goals.

This approach is the foundation of all services and programs offered at HIRO. This personalized approach supports:

  • Improved access to safer care and services
  • Increased coordinated and comprehensive care
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills
  • Improved client and caregiver satisfaction
  • Improved individual rehabilitation outcomes

Client and family centred care is considered a best practice and is recommended by thought-leaders as a service expectation for the clients and community we serve.

In addition, after a moderate to severe ABI, it’s widely recommended that family members actively engage in the client’s rehabilitation journey for improved outcomes.

Mike Vanderzee, Director - and family.

Client, Mother of Client, Brother of Client/Board Member

That is why our ABI rehabilitation approach includes

  • Early engagement

  • Meeting cultural needs

  • Supporting families to stay together

  • Actively listening

  • Active involvement

  • Education

  • Skills training

  • Support for community re-integration

Implementation of these support strategies are individualized based on the needs of each family. We believe it is a major reason families report a high level of satisfaction with HIRO services.