Do you have a polite pooch or a friendly feline?

At HIRO, we’re looking for those very special handlers and pets who are able to offer their time and services to help spread a promise of hope. Many domestic animals from rabbits to dogs are eligible to become HIRO pets.

Our HIRO pets provide animal-assisted therapy, spending quality time with clients on a one-to-one basis. This type of therapy is proven to help assist in independent movement, increase self-esteem, develop social skills, increase verbal communication and an overall mood enhancer.

Female client smiling is kneeling down and face to face petting a happy and gentle looking black dog with a blue bandana that is part of the pet therapy program.

How to participate

To participate in the HIRO pet program, your pet must be certified in a Pet Therapy program (i.e. St. John’s Ambulance or local SPCA). If you’re interested in registering your pet, please fill out the information below and you’ll be contacted for a formal interview with you and your pet.

HIRO Pets Application

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