HIRO made us realize that there is a hope.”


Passionate, hardworking, and a willingness to learn – 21 year old Cory was working an apprenticeship while attending college when his family and employer noticed a steady decline in his abilities, affecting his work and personal life.  Worried about his safety, Cory took a leave from work to further investigate his symptoms.

Over the course of several years, Cory was admitted to hospitals for mental health treatment, but his balance issues, falls and behaviours continued to increase. It was later determined that his mental health struggles were not the root cause of his illness, but a result of a misdiagnosis.  Cory had suffered from a bacterial infection which went undiagnosed and resulted in damage to his brain.

“Going back and forth to the hospital for treatment left Cory with many symptoms including behavioural problems that were extremely difficult for us to manage at home. We knew we wanted something better for our son. He needed the day to day care that we couldn’t give him,” says Cory’s mother.

After receiving a recommendation from the hospital, Cory was admitted to a residential service program at HIRO.  Through the client and family engagement approach, Cory’s rehabilitation program was developed focusing on behaviour management and skill building.  “Since being at HIRO we have witnessed so much improvement.  We would say that the progress has been substantial.  He has activities and programming offered that are more significant to his well-being. We have regular visits with the family, which makes a difference. He is much more stable. HIRO made us realize that there is hope.”

Cory’s dedication and hardworking mindset is prevalent throughout his journey at HIRO as he continues to work with staff on his rehabilitation goals.  “I really like it here.  My favourite part is making friends.” With the stability of his daily routine and the support from family, staff and housemates, Cory focuses on transitioning towards a higher level of independence.  Today, Cory enjoys water aerobics, weight training, planning and shopping for groceries, listening to music and using a book to follow and make his own meals.