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Sarrah Lal

Sarrah Lal graduated with a HBSc in Chemical Biology and an MBA in Strategic Management. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the MGD School of Medicine at McMaster University, leading efforts to teach entrepreneurship and building innovative ventures. She is particularly interested in systems thinking and ongoing care delivery and support mechanisms for individuals living with chronic conditions. Sarrah’s personal commitment to the ABI community began when she worked with speech-language pathologists to provide residential home therapy for individuals living with Aphasia. She was inspired by the impactful work done by the community and wanted to further support individuals living with ABI.

Sarrah Lal, Board President

Jane Blums

With a BA, BScN and MA, Jane Blums’ professional experience has been focused on community health services including project management for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, along with an active role as past President and current Treasurer for Rotary Club of Hamilton AM. Jane’s initial interest in the ABI community began with her involvement in projects related to the services and funding for the ABI community. Her involvement on the board has allowed her to understand the personal impact of those living with an ABI. Her influence has aided in the funding and policies to meet the ever-changing needs of these individuals.

Judy D’llario

With an extensive background as a Registered Nurse, Judy has participated in research studies at McMaster University, as both a Clinical Research Nurse and Research Nurse Consultant for several international trials. Today, Judy is a Patient Safety Specialist at McMaster Children’s Hospital (HHS), focusing on Surgical Quality Improvement Programs across Canada and the U.S. Her experience in clinical research moved her to volunteer and share her professional knowledge, experience and skills in the brain injury community.